Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs that have been taken through a rigorous selection process, testing the quality of their ideas and character, to become part of the Ashoka Fellowship and Network. Ashoka Fellows take on the challenges of building innovative system change ideas to make and spread social impact in a world wrought with challenges. They refuse to let the ‘impossible’ stand in their way to creating a better world.

This is an unpaid, volunteer opportunity

About The Affiliated Organization

Futuro Forestal was founded by Ashoka Fellow Andreas Eke in order to create a movement and make impact investment accessible to small investors interested in climate, environment, the health of human beings, and the Earth. Forests naturally absorb CO2, recreate the function of soil and thus trigger the groundwater building again, and create living space for flora and fauna; meanwhile jobs are created to care and rebuild the forests. We are standing right in front of a climate crisis, more and more rainforests (the lungs of our world) are being deforested in order to satisfy the consumption of us humans. This leads to irreversible climate change, pandemics, deaths – we a offering a part of the solution to stop or at least hinder this insanity.

For more information, please visit https://thegenerationforest.com

Job Description

Due to publicity on TV, we got overwhelmingly flooded with brochure orders, membership applications and questions (phone and mail). As we are a comparatively small team, we need help dealing with all this administrational work. We need someone to actively help us with packaging! Our goal is to work off all the orders as soon as possible. Your tasks will be to write down addresses, pack brochures, stick stamps. This is highly important work in order to not let such a social start up drown in such a milestone phase, and rather to the contrary help it grow!

We would be happy for any helping hands! Thank you for your application!

Volunteer Logistics

Estimated hours required per week: 10-20
The estimated duration of the project is: Under 1 month
This position is On-site in Hamburg Germany

The office can provide amenities to volunteers such as: Internet, Local travel expenses, Office space

Language Requirements


Desired Skills And Experience

  • German language (at least A)
  • Open minded
  • Team player

About Ashoka

Ashoka is an international citizen-sector organization whose mission is to build an Everyone a Changemaker World™ . An Everyone a Changemaker World™ is one that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, and where each individual has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and self identify as a driver of change. Ashoka is the world's leading community of over 3,500 social entrepreneurs. We champion the most important new social change ideas and support the innovators behind them by helping them get started, grow, collaborate and reshape whole systems.