The purpose of the work is to identify and keep record of key environmental organisations and contacts in the Mediterranean and use this information to build a stronger network.  The work will be done under the supervision of a researcher or principal scientist.

  • Help Identify Mediterranean actors and contacts useful for EFI’s network.
  • Help build a database of contacts
  • Assist in the identification of gaps in the network
  • Assist in the preparation of internal and external reports
  • Assist in basic research tasks, relating to the Mediterranean Research Agenda 2030
  • Assist in the organisation of the EFI Mediterranean Network Forum event.

Skills required:

  • Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel)
  • A university degree related to forestry, environment or related fields
  • Practical experience with desktop research
  • Ideally with skills in data handling, database and record keeping
  • Fluent in English; Spanish and / or French or other Mediterranean languages are an asset

Duration: 4-6 months, starting as soon as possible or (June 20, 2022).

Other info: Please note that if you are part of the Spanish Social Security system to carry out the traineeship you must be attending a university and the traineeship is part of your study requirements.

Traineeship location: Barcelona, Spain
Contact persons: Magda Bou Dagher (magda.boudagher@efi.int) and Giuseppe Tripodi (giuseppe.tripodi@efi.int)

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