NEPCon’s activities and services in Estonia are growing significantly. We are therefore seeking an experienced and enthusiastic team member to support the provision of Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) and FSC® Controlled Wood certification audits, as well as delivering EU Timber Regulation due diligence services. The role will include providing certification and support services to a portfolio of clients in the Estonian timber sector and beyond.

This position includes working under 3 innovative work areas:

Sustainable Biomass: Supporting the expansion of the growing SBP certification system. This role will include auditing and training against the SBP standards.

FSC CoC & Controlled Wood: This role will include auditing against the FSC CoC and Controlled Wood (CW) standards, to assess a company’s due diligence system and measures put in place to avoid sourcing controversial timber.  Role may include auditing against PEFC CoC standards also.

LegalSource: Assessing company compliance against the NEPCon LegalSource standard, as well as providing support to colleagues by conducting supply chain risk assessments against EUTR and other legality/sustainability criteria.

For further details, including requirements and a complete description of the job, please see NEPCon’s website: https://www.nepcon.org/careers/responsible-sourcing-specialist-chain-custody-auditor-estonia


About NEPCon

About NEPCon: NEPCon (Nature Economy and People Connected) is a mission-driven organisation working to ensure responsible use of natural resources worldwide. Our core activity areas are sustainability services, capacity building and non-profit projects in forestry, wood processing and agricultural sectors. Headquartered in Denmark, NEPCon has over 100 staff located around Europe, Russia, USA, Australia and Asia. For further information visit www.nepcon.org

Required educational degree:
University degree (BSc or MSc) in the field of forestry, biology, geography, environmental management, law, international development, international policy, or related field