Would you like to take part in ensuring NEPCon’s Controlled Wood services are state of the art? Do you like to share your knowledge and guide the rest of the organisation on technical matters? NEPCon is currently looking for a

Controlled Wood Specialist – to manage the standard in NEPCon


About the postion: NEPCon´s Legality team is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic team member to increase NEPCon’s capacity and competence within the area of FSC’s Controlled Wood (CW) System. As a Controlled Wood Specialist you will be responsible for the maintenance and development of NEPCon’s system for auditing customers against the FSC CW standard.

The role of the position includes maintaining NEPCon’s accreditation in relation to FSC CW standard, internal training of auditor colleagues, internal quality auditing, technical support to NEPCon staff and development and maintenance of NEPCon’s internal tools and templates in relation to the FSC CW auditing system. A part of the position will furthermore deal with innovation and development of NEPCon’s Responsible Sourcing program, leading to new and improved services as well as contributing to developing project proposals and identifying fundraising opportunities.

The tasks in the position are multi-faceted and some of them will be:

  • Maintenance and development of technical service tools and related documents (e.g. report templates, service handbook for internal use)
  • Maintenance and development of technical client guidance materials and tools.
  • Development and maintenance of internal and external training programs.
  • Representing NEPCon externally in relation to the program area.
  • Provision of overall guidance for internal technical expert support to NEPCon’s own staff.
  • Interacting with FSC and ASI on CW issues and related topics.
  • Supporting the maintenance of our accreditation.
  • Networking and exploring innovation, development of project ideas and fundraising opportunities

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About NEPCon

About NEPCon: NEPCon is a mission-driven organisation working to ensure responsible use of natural resources worldwide. Our core activity areas are certification, capacity building and environmental projects in forestry, wood processing and agricultural sectors. NEPCon has engaged in sustainability services, working with well-recognized certification schemes such as FSC, PEFC, and Sustainable Biomass Partnership (SBP). Headquartered in Denmark, NEPCon has 100+ staff located around Europe, Russia, U.S., Australia and Asia. For further information visit www.nepcon.org