The project Sustainable Land Management Meghalaya supports local authorities to maintain sustainable practices for natural resource management. The Meghalaya Basin Management Authority (MBMA) is the project contracting authority. An Implementation Support Consultant (IMC) will assist MBMA and its project management unit (PMU) in the preparation and implementation of the project loan component.
The IMC provides an overall support in project management according to KfW procedures, sponsor of the project, including

• Operational planning, review of results and reporting
• Assist in preparation and review of ToRs for various studies
• Annual budgeting and financial management
• Procurement and disbursement management
• Capacity building on topics related to organic agriculture, marketing of agricultural products, agribusiness development, water management and others
• Environmental and Social Management Frameworks

Other responsibilities include operational support, monitoring and evaluation support,
environment & social support framework.

The IMC will provide the overall support in project management in the program implementation phase. The responsibilities of IMC include operational support, marketing support, monitoring and evaluation support among others, as and when required.

The IMC, amongst others, will also countersign the requests for disbursement.
The IMC’s main services requested under this assignment are capacity building and
project management support related to marketing of organic and natural farming
produce, and respect of environment and social aspects.

The planned project duration is 78 months. Thereof, 18 months for the preparation
phase (Phase I) and 60 months for the implementation phase (Phase II). The main part
of the consultant activities will take place in Phase I and at the beginning of Phase II.
Quality assurance related activities would be the main task after planning contribution in Phase II and for the remaining stages of the project life cycle.

Qualifications and skills:
• University degree (Master’s degree) in engineering, biology, or related subjects
• Computer skills (MS Office software)
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Fluent in English
General professional experience
• 15 years working experience
Specific professional experience
• Experience with environmental and social assessments and the development
and application of respective safeguard instruments (ESMP, SEP, LRP) in line with
World Bank Environmental and Social Standards (ESS) of IFC Performance Standards (PS) as well as relevant EHS-Guidelines of World Bank Group
• Experience with developing Environmental and Social Management Frameworks
(World Bank standards)
• Working experience in developing countries
• Experience with international cooperation projects

Your application
Please send your application (CV and motivation letter) to application@unique-landuse.de.
Only applications in PDF format will be accepted.

About UNIQUE forestry and land use GmbH

Unique is a leading consulting firm for sustainable natural resource management, with
a focus on forestry, agriculture and climate change. Since establishment in 1998, we
have carried out over 800 projects in more than 75 countries. Unique’s headquarter
is located in Freiburg, in the Southwest of Germany. In addition, we have offices in
East Africa, Paraguay, Vietnam and Kyrgyzstan. Our team consists of forestry and agricultural specialists, economists and political scientists