FCBA is the French Institute of Technology for forest based and furniture sectors, aiming to improve competitiveness of companies through technical, economic and commercial solutions to the stakeholders of the whole forestry-wood chain. FCBA’s staff consists in 340 people (engineers, technicians, researchers) managing a very wide range of knowledge and skills. FCBA is established in 7 different places in France, with its headquarters in Champs sur Marne, close to Paris.

Missions : as a Forest Genetic Project leader under the authority of the chief of the Biotechnology and Advanced Forestry Department, you will be in charge of :

  • The management of RTDI projects, regarding mainly forest tree genetics
  • The management of the operational FCBA participation to genetic testing of the maritime pine breeding cooperative (”GIS pin maritime du futur”)
  • The analysis of tree phenotypic and genetic data
  • Setting up and leading actions pertaining with consultancy, technical expertise, technical studies and research in the field of forest genetics and variety deployment
  • Production of technical reports and articles for the general public and/or forestry-wood related professionals
  • Production of proposals to the relevant RTDI calls for proposals (EU, National, Regional)
  • Taking part to setup and upgrade our partnerships at regional, national and international level with industries and the forest research stakeholders
  • Contributing actively to the international recognition of FCBA through publication of scientific and technical papers as well as working in partnership with regional, national and international stakeholders of forest varieties breeding and deployment.

Profile : As a Agricultural/Forest engineer, preferably with a PhD in plant breeding, you have several year of experience with project management. You are mastering the main aspects of quantitative genetics, advanced statistical analysis and you know the basics of wood formation, wood quality and industrial uses. A former work experience in a private company is an advantage.

Furthermore, you are creative, innovative and you have excellent communication skills. You enjoy working in a team. You lead projects with accuracy and enthusiasm, communicating efficiently with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

Proficiency in written and oral English is required. Non-French-native speakers need to know elementary French language for everyday life and engage themselves to increase progressively their ability to communicate in this language.