What is Canopy Jobboard?

The Canopy Jobboard is a job platform for employers, job seekers and experts to interact. This project by OpenForests intends to connect the community of professionals who strive for a positive impact in the field of forestry, agroforestry, and conservation.

I am an employer, how can I make use of the Jobboard?

The Employers can:

  • Create a profile of their organization;
  • Post job offerings;
  • Manage job offers directly on the website  (edit, delete, republish);
  • Manage applications directly on the website;
  • Search our expert database.

I am a job seeker how can I make use of the Jobboard?

Job seekers can:

  • Find jobs by scrolling the job list or by using different filters;
  • Post public expert profile on Jobboard under Post an Expert profile;
  • Bookmark the search to get noticed via email for similar job announcements.

How can I get regular updates on newly posted jobs?

To keep track of the new posts you can follow us on our Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter pages. Besides, the updates are sent out to subscribers through our weekly Newsletter.

I am not looking for a job, how can I be involved?

If you are an individual who does not actively seek for a job but would like to interact with the Canopy Jobboard community, then you can post your public expert profile on the Jobboard under Post an Expert profile or start a discussion on our social media pages.

What is the cost of posting jobs on the platform?

Job posts by NGOs and academic institutions are free of charge. The fees for job posts by businesses and government agencies are indicated here.

What is the job map?

Job map indicates the geographic distribution of all available and posted jobs on the platform.

How can I contact Canopy Jobboard and provide a feedback?

Please, feel free to contact us at jobboard@openforests.com or through a feedback form to be found on the right side of the main page.